How non-profit organisations in Kenya build and manage their corporate image

Author: Waudo, Douglas

Awarding University: Daystar University, Kenya

Level : MSc

Year: 2011

Holding Libraries: Daystar University Library ;

Subject Terms: Corporate image/Corporate responsibility/Nonprofit organizations/Communication/ ;

Pages: 0

Advisors: Mary Kizito


The study set out to establish how nonprofit organizations in Kenya build and manage their corporate image. Corporate image management model is one of the models adopted from image management theoretical models to enable a better understanding and exploration of how corporate image in an organization can be built and managed. With regard to the research design, being a quantitative study, the survey method was adopted. The target population for the study was all nonprofit organizations that were locally-owned, founded and originating in Kenya. The heads of communication were the sample of the study and they were selected using the purposive sampling method. The study utilized a questionnaire which was the main research instrument and data analysis and presentation was done through SPSS. From the findings, majority of the respondents (98%) indicated having a strategic communication plan which helped them build and manage their organizations? corporate image. The most used communication strategies indicated by over 90% of the respondents were corporate social responsibility, promotions, publicity and lobbying and advocacy. The highest majority of the respondents (65%) indicated that inadequate training of communication managers was the leading challenge facing nonprofit organizations. Overall, it can be concluded that building and managing corporate image is very important to any nonprofit organization which is trying to remain relevant and maintain a competitive advantage in the complex business environment.