Steering response analysis of an animal-drawn mouldboard plough [Kenya].

Author: Mutua, J M

Awarding University: Cranfield University, England

Level : PhD

Year: 0

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Subject Terms: Agriculture ; Agricultural machinery ; Performance evaluation ;

Pages: 0



The importance of the animal-drawn mouldboard plough in Kenyan small-scale farming sector is reviewed and the operational problems associated with the implement leading to poor seedbed, poor weed control and operator fatigue. The research aims at firstly providing an insight on the dynamic behaviour of the Victory mouldboard plough when responding to a steering input, and secondly, based on the findings of the dynamic behaviour, advises on design and operational criteria aimed at improving the dynamic performance, hence the quality of work and reduced operator fatigue. There are three parts to this research: part one deals with the theoretical analysis. Here the mathematical equations governing the lateral dynamic behaviour of the animal-drawn mouldboard plough are developed. Part two deals with the experimental verification of the theories developed in part one. Extensive experiments were carried out in the soil bin using a fully instrumented Victory mouldboard plough to test its response to a steering input under different set of parameters viz: two hitch lengths, two hitch points and three different sizes of landsides. Part three advises on the operational criteria aimed at improving the lateral stability and steering responses of the plough under different operating conditions