Conceptualisation and operationalisation of the right to a fair trial in criminal justice in Kenya

Author: Ouma, Jack Busalile Mwimali

Awarding University: University of Birmingham, England

Level : PhD

Year: 2013

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Subject Terms: Criminal justice ; Trials ; Constitutions ; Criminal law ; Judicial process ;

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This thesis explores issues concerning the conceptualisation and operationalisation of the right to a fair trial in the Kenyan criminal justice system. In particular, it looks at how and why there have been many difficulties with the implementation of this universal set of values that have been recognised since the adoption of the formal legal system in Kenya, and which have been enshrined in the Constitution since independence. It addresses a number of overarching questions. First, it identifies the factors that hindered the full realisation of the right to a fair trial. Secondly, it enquires into whether the shortcomings of the recently repealed Constitution in that regard have been fully addressed by the new Constitution adopted in 2010. Thirdly, it identifies and analyse the impact of factors outside the formal law which may have affected the practical operation of certain core elements of the right to a fair trial. Finally, in light of the above, it explores a number of approaches that might be used to address these other factors so as to help achieve at least a better, enforcement of fair trial rights in the country.