Analysis of challenges facing women owned dressmaking enterprises in Umoja 1 market, Nairobi

Author: Ombuki, Maureen Kerubo

Awarding University: Kenyatta University, Kenya

Level : MBA

Year: 2005

Holding Libraries: Kenyatta University Moi Library ;

Subject Terms: Small business ; Business conditions ; Clothing industry ; Women owned businesses ; Umoja Estate, Nairobi, Kenya ;

Pages: 61

Advisors: Department of Business Administration/Phares B O Ochola/G Gongera


The research was concerned with the challenges facing women owned small and micro enterprise (dressmakers) in Umoja 1 market. Umoja 1 market is situated around 14 Km from the city Centre. The aim of this research was to identify the major challenges facing the women owned small and micro enterprises (dressmakers) in respect of Umoja I market. Challenges mean problems, or constraints that affect the performance of business activities of the said enterprises. Its whatever affects both the demand and supply of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) products. The researcher examined the entrepreneurs' access to finance, their management skills, their access to markets and how they gather and use market information. The researcher also examined the infrastructure, the technology and the skills used and even how they adopt them. The study analyzed the incentives and supportive policies. The researcher examined how if at all the challenges had resulted in loss of competitiveness for small and micro enterprises in Umoja 1 market, as well as whether they had resulted in low productivity and profitability with consequent increase in unemployment and poverty. The researcher concluded with formulated recommendations to address the challenges of these enterprises.