Supply chain strategy and competitive advantage of Nation Media Group Ltd

Author: Kyengo, Elizabeth Ndaize

Awarding University: University of Nairobi, Kenya

Level : MBA

Year: 2012

Holding Libraries: University of Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library ;

Subject Terms: Supply chains/Strategic management/Competitive advantage/Nation Media Group/Broadcasting industry ;

Pages: 65

Advisors: Z B Awino


The objective of the study was two folded: to ascertain the effects of Supply Chain Strategies, SCS on NMG's Competitive advantage and establish possible challenges faced in the implementation of such strategies. The researcher interviewed six company executives from varied fields as determined by their level of engagement either in the planning or execution of SCS or reports its performance impacts. There was 100% response. The data collected was assessed through content analysis and to some extent using frequencies and mean tools. The literature review focused on Supply Chain concept as the alignment of supply chain initiatives with the overall business strategy of a company. Potter (1996) supported operational efficiencies but also warned that its unique supply chain activities matched with identified overall strategies that give an organization lasting competitiveness. Such factors linking SCS and performance were highlighted in the research questionnaire to aid the research come up with a conclusion on the case study. An evaluation of a number of selected performance indicators to assess the SCS on NMGs' competitiveness yielded an average score rating of 4 out of 5 (80%), an indication that the relationship is clearly evident. The findings indicated a strong relationship of the various SCS as adopted by NMG and its strong competitive positioning, been a market leader. However, although the Supply Chain initiatives have contributed significantly to the Groups performance, more needs to be done the interviewee reckoned. Benchmarking the NMG supply chain with the best available both regionally and perhaps globally, instituting specific procurement performance measurement tools and driving more collaborations across the business units are seen as great opportunities to deliver sustainable competitive edge for the rapidly growing organization.