Impact of media ownership on framing : a comparative study of The People Daily, The Standard and Nation Newspapers in their framing of the ICC case against Uhuru Kenyatta

Author: Tome, Francis Simiyu

Awarding University: University of Nairobi, Kenya

Level : MA

Year: 2012

Holding Libraries: University of Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library ;

Subject Terms: Journalists/Media coverage/The People Daily (Nairobi, Kenya)/The Standard (Nairobi, Kenya)/The Daily Nation (Nairobi, Kenya)/International Criminal Court/Litigation/Kenyatta, Uhuru/ ;

Pages: 98

Advisors: Edwin Nyutho


The intention of this study is to establish whether the owners of privately held media outlets influence the framing of news stories on critical issues affecting their (owners') interests. In order to achieve this goal, the study employed a mixed method approach . First, this research employed a descriptive content analysis of the news stories by the People Daily, Nation and the Standard newspapers relating to the ICCs confirmation of charges hearings against Uhuru Kenyatta between 21st September, 2011 to so' September, 2011. Secondly, a survey of journalists working for the three newspapers was conducted with a view to establishing whether there was a plausible link between ownership of the media outlets and the manifest bias in the news content. The findings of the descriptive content analysis show that the privately held People Daily newspaper had more favourable content for Uhuru Kenyatta as is demonstrated by the coefficients of imbalance. Furthermore, a not so insignificant number of journalists working for the privately held People Daily (as contrasted with those working for the publicly held media outlets) were of the view that the ownership did influence the news content. Interestingly, a significant number of journalists from the People Daily were ambivalent to a number of question items; a trend that the researcher thinks is demonstrative of uncertainty among such journalists occasioned by an overbearing ownership. This is just a snapshot of the results.