The website researchkenya.org is a project of the Kenya Information Preservation Society (KIPS), a society registered in Kenya in 1993. The main objective of KIPS is to facilitate the preservation and conservation of Kenya’s national information heritage.

Since 2,000, KIPS has undertaken the task of bringing together the records held mainly by universities and research institutions which reflect the post-graduate research that has been completed on all aspects of Kenya. The result of this endeavour is the database entitled The union list of theses and dissertations held by universities and research institutions in Kenya. This database includes citations of post-graduate degrees that reflect research on Kenya awarded by universities located both within and outside of Kenya.

As of 2016, slightly over 20,000 citations are in the database. These were contributed by 14 universities and 18 research institutions located in Kenya plus 5 non-Kenyan institutions. Two of the non-Kenyan institutions, Institute of Commonwealth Studies in the UK, and University Microforms International in the USA, contributed a considerable number of citations of post-graduate degrees reflecting research on Kenya: ICS, 800 citations and UMI, 1800 citations. Abstracts have been included when available.

The criteria used to determine which records are to be included in the database are as follows:

--Any post-graduate theses/dissertations written by Kenyan scholars, whether or not the research is on Kenya (e.g. research on biochemistry with no geographic focus) regardless of where and when the degrees were awarded.

--Any post-graduate theses/dissertations that reflect research on any aspect of Kenya written by non-Kenyan scholars, regardless of where and when the degrees were awarded.

Since the beginning of this project, three issues of the Union list have been published in CD-ROM format. Issue no. 1, 2003; no. 2, 2005; no. 3, 2008. The content of each issue is the cumulation of all citations in the database. The Union list was first available on the website, researchkenya.org, in 2010, with 12,340 citations.

Small short-term grants have been received from the following organizations: French Institute for Research on Africa (IFRA), Kenya National Archives and Documentations Services, International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), and Digital Divide Data (DDD). No long term funding has yet been secured for this project.

KIPS does not hold the full content of any of the theses/dissertations listed. A user of the web site who needs access to the full content should go to the Reference Section of the relevant institution to see the hard or soft copy and/or get details as to how to contact the writer of the thesis/dissertation.

KIPS is fully aware that this database will never be complete so long as post-graduate studies are undertaken in Kenya, but the procedures for compiling the database are in place.

Ruth Thomas, Coordinator, Theses and Dissertations Sub-Committee

Kenya Information Preservation Society

Email: kenyadocuments@yahoo.com

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