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ZACT : theatre for development in Zimbabwe.

Author: Byam, L Dale

Awarding University: New York University, USA

Level : PhD

Year: 1996

Holding Libraries: University Microfilms International ;

Subject Terms: Theater ; Freire, Paulo ; Botswana ;


The purpose of the research is to determine whether the theatre for development movement in Zimbabwe, as guided by the Zimbabwe Association of Community Theatre (ZACT), is congruent with Paulo Freire's philosophy of conscientization. To this end, chapter i outlines Freire's philosophy of conscientization while chapter ii explores African theatre and its application to the concept of theatre for development. Chapter iii describes the growth of selected theatre for development projects from Botswana, Nigeria, Zambia and Kenya and analyses them in the context of freirian pedagogy. Chapter iv describes the growth of theatre for development in Zimbabwe from 1983 to 1993. Finally, chapter v aims to recognize possible congruence between theatre for development in Zimbabwe and Paulo Freire's philosophy of conscientization.

An overview of YCS method of see-judge act in the light of Paulo Freire thought.

Author: Ngure, R G

Awarding University: Kenyatta University, Kenya

Level : PhD

Year: 1987

Holding Libraries: Kenyatta University Moi Library ;

Subject Terms: Christianity ; Freire, Paulo ; Justice ;