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Challenges of humanitarian intervention in Africa : a case study of Darfur region Sudan 2003-2008

Author: Obiayo, Anupi Dorothy

Awarding University: University of Nairobi, Kenya

Level : MA

Year: 2010

Holding Libraries: University of Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library ;

Subject Terms: Darfur region, Sudan ; Sovereignty ; International relations ;


This study seeks to investigate the challenges facing humanitarian intervention as a of third party mode conflict management and whether it is adequately and timely used in sittUltilcms of conflict that lead to widespread violations of human rights of victims. Secondly study will also investigate whether the general principles of humanitarian intervention state sovereignty and consent are applicable in cases of gross violation of human rights. will be used as a case study. Both primary and secondary data will be consulted in conducting this research. data will include structured interviews with key informants being Sudanese refugees Kenya and Sudanese Embassy officials, Individuals who have worked in Sudan and other conflict areas, individuals working in NGO world and have extensively worked in Darfur region and other conflict areas and finally academicians in the field of conflict. This study has critically analyzed the concept of humanitarian intervention in Darfur with a view to adding on to already existing literature on the subject. At the end of the study it will clearly come out that humanitarian intervention should take place in the Darfur region in order to avert the suffering of the civilians in this region.

Enforcement of international criminal law in Darfur through the International Criminal Court

Author: Muchelule, Aggrey Otsyula

Awarding University: University of Nairobi, Kenya

Level : LLM

Year: 2005

Holding Libraries: University of Nairobi Law Campus Library ;

Subject Terms: International Criminal Court ; International criminal law ; Darfur region, Sudan ; Law enforcement ;