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Studies on preventive and curative ethnoveterinary remedies applied by the Rendile, Ariaal and Gabra communities of Marsabit District, Kenya.

Author: Wamwere-Njoroge, George J

Awarding University: University of Nairobi, Kenya

Level : MSc

Year: 2004

Holding Libraries: University of Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library ; International Livestock Research Institute Library ; University of Nairobi Upper Kabete Library ;

Subject Terms: Livestock/Disease/Veterinary services/Flowers and plants/Rendille (African people)/Ariaal (African people)/Gabra (African people)/Marsabit District/ ;



Sedentarization, seasonality, and economic differentiation.

Author: Fujita, Masako

Awarding University: University of Victoria, Canada

Level : MA

Year: 2002

Holding Libraries: University Microfilms International ;

Subject Terms: Anthropology ; Nutrition ; Pastoralists ; Ariaal (African people) ; Rendille (African people) ; Northern Kenya ;


This thesis examines the impact of the recent transition from nomadic pastoralism to sedentism and concomitant economic differentiation upon seasonal patterns in maternal diet, morbidity, and anthropometry made by Ariaal and Rendille peoples in northern Kenya. Results reveal clear differences between the dietary patterns of nomadic and sedentary mothers. The reduction of dietary protein, the increase in dietary energy, and the alleviation of seasonal dietary stress affected sedentary mothers' body compositions such that their body fat and protein stores fluctuated in a distinct manner each from the other. Morbidity patterns of sedentary mothers reflected neither the dietary seasonality nor the seasonal patterns of rainfall, both of which were important determinants of nomadic mothers' health statuses. The results demonstrate the importance of longitudinal research design in studying and understanding the consequences of sedentarization.

From livestock to land : the effects of agricultural sedentarization on pastrol Rendille and Ariaal of Northern Kenya

Author: Smith, Kevin Christopher

Awarding University: Pennsylvania State University, USA

Level : PhD

Year: 1997

Holding Libraries: University Microfilms International ; National Council for Science and Technology Library ;

Subject Terms: Ethnology/Social change/Social conditions and trends/Rural development/Agriculture/Rendille (African people)/Ariaal (African people)/Pastoralists/Songa, Kenya/Anthropology ;


This project investigates how the transition from nomadic pastoralism to settled agriculture affects work roles, control over resources, and what effects this transition has on Rendille and Ariaal men and women in an agropastoral community. Ultimately, this project is concerned with the resilience ofRendille and Ariaal identity and social organization, particularly how their age-systems and authority structure are affected by agricultural sedentism and market integration. In addition, this project investigates the economic and social ties to pastoral Rendille. Studying this change is important for understanding what appears to be an inevitable trend for many pastoral peoples: settlement, greater participation in the market economy, and changing roles and control over resources for men and women. Two major processes affect the economy of the community of Songa: agricultural sedentism and greater access to the market. Both have profound effects on work roles and control over resources. These effects, in tum, influence the decision making power of elders, women, and warriors. This dissertation research investigates these processes by examining household decision-making and budgets, time allocation of labor, and adherence to traditional institutions in the community ofSonga. The situation at Songa is compared to baseline information on pastoral Rendille and Ariaal previously to reveal social and cultural changes.